Koronadal City—June 7-11, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) Region XII in coordination with International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Mind Education, Southeast Asia shed a light on the aspect of boosting the mental health of BJMP personnel. A three-day webinar series kicked off as part of the month-long celebration of Community Relations Service (CRS).

Abrahan Nam, Director of Mind Education Southeast Asia elaborated that it is very crucial to change your mind to see the world. “Reforming your mindset will affect others as well. It is like a chain that relates to others. Consequently, it will create a domino effect within the community.” he added.

The event aimed to discuss and highlight the significance of maintaining an upright and positive mindset towards other people, the task at hand, and life as a whole. JSSUPT SIMEON S DOLOJO JR DSC, Regional Director, reinstated during the first day of the webinar that our mind is so powerful that whatever you play in it, it becomes your reality. It can either lead you to success or failure, depending on the thoughts you nurture in your consciousness. “This is the reason why we need to train our minds into a perspective that will bring us joy and happiness.”, he added.

The Regional Director also pointed out that many restrictions were imposed during this pandemic to Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL), while Jail Officers tend to work for longer weeks inside jail facilities, that is why we must monitor and assess not only their physical being but mainly the mental aspect. Jail officers are the frontline to these PDL thus, it is pivotal that we possessed basically, a positive mindset which radiates to our clientele.

Rev. Dr. Kim Jae Hong, President International Mind Education Ins. IYF, South Korea mentioned that the youth play a vital role in bringing a brighter future to the country. He also accentuated that the future of the country heavily relies on them.  Several presentations and short films were featured on this webinar which practically relate to the job of jail officers, especially during this pandemic.

The three-day webinar marathon ended through submission of reflection towards the speakers and the whole activity in general.

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