On 27th of May 2021 a Seminar Workshop on Nursery Establishment and Management was held at Bureau of Jail Management and Penology XII Regional Office and was participated by personnel from 9 jail units all around the region and 3 Regional office personnel. Meanwhile, the facilitator make sure the observance of minimum health protocol set by the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) throughout the seminar.

During the workshop the BJMP personnel were introduced to the science behind how plants are reproduced (sexual and asexual). Information about where and how to start a nursery were also shared by the speakers. Importance of a good management in nursery making is highlighted since growing seedlings needs attention to make sure that there is a low mortality rate of seedlings being grown.

The seminar was ended with J/SINSP ROWENA G AUJERO giving a closing remark, thanking the personnel of Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO) Tacurong and reiterating that taking care of our environment and bringing back the green color to the surroundings is everybody’s job.

The said seminar was conducted by the good woman and men of Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) Tacurong, headed by Mr. Cecil Jabutay – Chief CDS, CENRO-Tacurong, together with Ms. Sittie Hafsa D. Dimatingcal – NGP Coordinator, Mr. Tong K. Amba – Forest Ranger, and Muhaimen M. Mulimpay – Exension Officer.

CENRO Tacurong donated seedling trays that were distributed to the participants and gave 300 seedlings of timber to the Regional Office XII. Seedling trays given will be used as a medium to start up the nursery in Jail Units and provide livelihood to PDL.

Event was made by the initiative of J/SSUPT SIMEON S DOJO JR to produce seedlings for future tree growing activities for a greener and healthier environment. It was realized by the hardwork of J/INSP ROWENA G AUJERO to communicate and link with CENRO-Tacurong for the training seminar. It is expected that jail units will soon raise their own nurseries. As a seed grow may it give a PDL new hope for a new beginning.

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