North Cotabato – Women of North Cotabato District Jail – Female Dormitory engaged in a series of physical activities. The activity aims to maintain physical and mental health and the immune system function to prevent viruses from entering the system.

The physical fitness activity was implemented according to the memorandum signed by Jail Director ALLAN S IRAL, CESE, regarding the Importance of Physical Fitness during the Pandemic period. The said memorandum aims to limit the viral transmission of COVID-19 in jail facilities by boosting every individual’s immune system.

Zumba Dance exercise is the most common Physical Activity conducted in this facility. This exercise helps accelerate the body’s heart rate, improve blood circulation, develop endurance and increase balance and flexibility. It is usually done every morning after the regular headcount of PDL that lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The vast area of this facility is of great help to carry out the activity without compromising safety health protocols and accumulating the right amount of sunlight needed by the body.

This activity also helps in taking care of our women’s mental health because it diverts their attention from the boredom brought by the suspension of visitation privilege.

The active participation of personnel and PDL of this facility pushed the continuation of this program. It does not only help fight the virus but also encourages them to be physically fit.

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